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The Rules For Tipping In Scotland

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Traveling abroad brings a lot of excitement and new experiences we will always remember. But, there are also some challenges, especially when it comes to differences in culture. In order to make the best out of the vacation and avoid any unpleasant situations, it is good to explore the habits and customs of the country to which you travel. Tipping is one of the common concerns of many travelers, and in this article we will give you some guidelines of leaving tips in Scotland.

The basic rules for tipping

castle in scotlandNo matter where you travel, you will come into contact with taxi drivers, waiters and all kinds of sellers. In some countries, tipping is a must, while elsewhere this culture is not dominant. When it comes to Scotland, the general tipping rule is leaving 10% of the bill. You can also lave a tip to round the amount of money to a whole number of pounds.

When to tip?

There are certain occasions when the culture dictates you the rule of tipping for the service. Think of the first payment you will make upon arriving to Scotland – you are most likely to get a cab to take you to your accommodation. The 10% rule applies in taxis. They have the price displayed, but the passengers are expected to tip the driver around 10% of the amount, or round up the sum.

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When it comes to restaurants, cafes and pubs, the rules vary. In restaurant, the 10% rule is most commonly applied. It is not common to have the service fee on the bill, so you can tip the waiter in addition to the bill you are paying. This rule is also applicable in pubs where the staff serves you at the table. Sometimes in food pubs you can find a small jar or dish by the till, so you can leave the tip if the staff is kind and friendly to you. It is only at self-service cafes and bars where you are not expected to leave the tip, which is rather logical when you think about it.

If you are a lady and you need to get your hair done in Scotland, expect to tip the hairdresser. The 10% rule is the golden rule here as well, but you can also round up the sum. As a traveler, you are expected to tip hotel porters and concierges as well.

When not to tip?

Tipping a staff member is a principle you apply when you are satisfied with the service. Of course, if you consider the staff of a restaurant, bar or hotel impolite, you do not have to tip them. But there are some places where the staff does not expect the tip despite being friendly and professional.

Staff working in pubs that only serve drinks generally do not expect the tip, because it is not customary. Still, some people do tip them if they are friendly and professional, so if you want, you can also do it. Shops employees do not expect the tip either.

Tipping rules are not very rigid in Scotland, so you can relax, enjoy your stay and pay a small reward to any staff member that makes you staying more comfortable and pleasant.

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