Life In Scotland – Pros And Cons To Living On An Island Within An Island


A Dream Within A Dream.

An island within an island, within an island. This certainly sounds like some postmodern art, but I will explain what I mean by it. Certainly, life in Scotland is not so different than life in some other parts of the world. However, there are ups and downs to everything in life, and the same goes for life in Scotland.

The UK And The World

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UK is situated on an island, but more importantly, most of the time the UK has felt secluded from the rest of Europe as well. On the one hand, the Commonwealth has made UK inhabitants feel like they have conquered the world. The linguistic properties also make them feel on top of the world, but then again they will never feel completely European, no. This term seems reserved for the French, Italian and many places with unorthodox food and language they cannot understand. In the end, a UK person is bound to feel much closer to someone from Australia, or Canada, not to mention the USA, than they would feel around someone who is French for example. At the same time, this island belongs to Europe, but it is also more connected to other parts of the world.

UK And Scotland

Scotland has not always been a part of UK; they have much more autonomy than the rest of UK. In that respect, they have never felt fully integrated into the UK, much like Ireland. However, they have recently started to debate whether they would leave the UK and join EU, especially post-Brexit vote that has excluded UK from EU once and for all. In this sense, people from Scotland do not feel like they belong to the UK, but at the same time due to the linguistic, geographical and other barriers we have already mentioned, they feel the same for EU. So, it seems like they live a life of their own, being a part of something they clearly do not feel a part of and trying to join to something which they also do not feel an integral or natural part of.

How To Live On An Island?

Nationality And Language

Living this way can make a mess for your identity regarding your nationality, and this has certainly been an issue on the Island. The only way to deal with it is to accept this as a fact that as someone who lives on an island and speaks a certain language, you will never feel fully accepted here or there. Still, Scotland and the UK are an amazing place to live.


There are many advantages to leading a life in Scotland and spending the majority of your life here. Still, many UK residents seem to regret the weather of their Island and dream of sunny Spain or Italy. Even though, the weather is far from perfect, conditions for a normal life are far better than on other parts of Europe. This is why Scotland is an amazing place to live, despite the weather.

John Smith

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