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Many people around the world are completely and instantly inspired by a country and its people. For many, it is Japan, probably because it seems so different and completely whack. Also, many people love France and Italy, probably because they are completely in awe of the elegance, richness of cuisine and music and of course the lovely weather. For me, it is Scotland. Scotland is my inspiration, and I try to learn more about it every day. Here’s how I keep a piece of Scotland with me no matter where I go.


As you probably know, the weather conditions on the Island are not so amazing. Still, despite the weather the people seem cheerful and happy. How do they do it? What is their secret? Let’s find out.

Be Prepared

scotish manYou will seldom find a UK resident who is not prepared for drizzle. In addition to that, if you live in a part of the world where there is no rain, you can still use this piece of advice. Being always prepared will make you feel much more relaxed about anything that may come your way. This is why I take their advice and come prepared for everything in life!

Enjoy It

When something like a sudden change in weather conditions does occur, do not hesitate to enjoy it! Yes, it is raining, and no, you may not come prepared. Still that does not mean the end of the world! When was the last time you were soaking wet enjoying every moment of it? Laugh, love and enjoy the even harsh weather. Anything less than pouring rain can simply be ignored and soldiered on.


When it comes to their tradition, there is so much you can learn from Scottish and not just to scream Freedom like Mel in Braveheart.

Nurture It

love scotland
Scottish people are people with long traditions. Would you believe me if I were to tell you that some Scottish clans can be traced back to 12th century! That is a long time! Still, it is true. For the most part, they would not be aware of their traditions if they had not been nurturing it.

Be Proud

Scottish people are also proud people. They are proud of their heritage and their tradition. This is something that everyone could use in their life. You should be proud of your heritage and your identity while at the same time accepting of everyone with a culture and identity which is different than yours.


scotland on mapMany Scottish people sadly do not speak their Gaelic language. However, those that do speak it seem to try their best to nurture their language. Language is closely connected to national identity and your thoughts. If you would like to approach yourself more to culture, it is sufficient to learn their language.

Language Barriers And Language Inspirations

Scottish Gaelic is certainly one of many languages which are fading away. Still, this might inspire you to learn it. You do not have to be Scottish to want to learn Gaelic. It is enough to feel that way!

John Smith

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